Wednesday, 17 August 2011


i've walk too far, in a Savanna
reaching to the end of the horizon,
chasing rainbows and shooting stars
field full of carnation with a jar of inspiration
you came to me, like and angel singing something sweet

flower blooms as the sky bright up high
scattering hopes and shattering despairs
in a wonderland we would be
where everything is supposed to be what we need

hush of breath, hush of love
let the spirit feel free like a pair of dove
ambiance of resilience
filling the air catches sweet moment
and let glory be the guidance

holding hands, speaking future
kissing lips, hold on together
for we shall let the sky turned grey
then the rain will wash the guilt away

O love stay beside
for i will hum melodies you like
and the twilight comes with the dark passing by
i'll be your shoulder if you need to cry

i keep awake so i can count your beat
we will be forever, never defeated.
hush my love in a Savannah we'll set free
breath easy

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